I’m not afraid to make mistakes.
I’m not afraid to fail.
Neither am I afraid of falling.
That’s what life is all about.
I’m on a race.
And my number one competitor in my race is myself.
I’m not ashamed of the man I was yesterday.
I just want to be better than him.
I’m only challenged to daily rise from the ashes of yesterday’s failures and mould a beautiful tomorrow out of it.
My worst was in my yesterday.
My best is in my future.
Perfection is a myth.
Life is all about making mistakes.
Life is all about wanting to be great.
Every morning is a new opportunity to be great.
A new opportunity to put yesterday to shame.
A new opportunity to carve a beautiful palace in the future.
I’m a man on a journey to greatness.
I’m a man with dreams.
And my limitations can’t limit me.
I’m born to break boundaries.
Welcome to my world.
What about you?
Are you afraid of failing?
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Do have a nice week!
Your passion, your power, your gain!