There are myriad of things that we do consciously and unconsciously daily that we don’t know are killers of destiny; they cheat us of our focus and redirect us to path that leads to nowhere. Unfortunately, we give them more attention than the real deals.

Most times we behave like children on a mission, just like Akin in this story – a child that was sent to buy three pieces of egg and N300 bread from the mallam, a stone throw from his house.

“Akin, take, quickly go and buy me three eggs and N300 bread from Ibrahim’s shop now! Now!!” Said Akin’s mother. “Yes ma”, was Akin response. “What did I ask you to buy?” queried the mother. “Three eggs and N300 bread.” was Akin’s response again. Then he left to the mallam’s shop. On his way, like most children, he started singing the message so as not to forget – “3 eggs and N300 bread, 3 eggs and N300 bread…” Then he saw 2 goats locking horns. He was so fascinated with the fight that he stopped singing the message and started watching.

After few minutes of watching the goat fight, he suddenly remembered he was on a mission, but by this time he has forgotten part of the message. He said, “What was the message again, hmmmm….” He started singing, “2 eggs and N300 biscuit…” He got to Ibrahim’s shop and said” My mummy asked me to buy 2 eggs and N300 biscuit.” Of course, Ibrahim sold to him what he requested for. Then on his way back home, he saw boys playing football on the street and decided to join, forgetting he was on a mission. He dropped the eggs and biscuits somewhere and started playing ball with the boys.

After 30 minutes that the mother didn’t see Akin, she decided to trace him to find out what’s the problem. Then she saw Akin playing football.

“Akin! J-e-s-u-s! Where is the message I sent you?” Akin quickly ran to where he kept the stuff, but by the time he got there, goat has scattered the eggs and the biscuits and he started crying. “Pleeeeeaaaaseee mummy, I’m sorry, I will not do it again”

It was later discovered that Akin bought totally different things as against the instruction. The mother didn’t spare him; he was roasted for losing focus.

Most times, we are not different from Akin in this story, we leave the major and start running after the minor. We allow things that are not part of our mission, vision and goals take the center stage of our lives. Whenever this happens, it is an invitation to life of failures and woes.

Distractions are very powerful, powerful enough to wreck your life. It is one of the major causes of procrastination and procrastination we all know steals future.

So, what are the distractions that you have identified in your life?

The earlier you identify them and deal with them, the earlier you will move forward in your mission and get to your goals.

In today’s world, the followings are some of the major weapons of mass distraction bedeviling our lives when not used appropriately;
1. Social Media
2. Internet
3. Television

P.S.: You can also mention other weapons of mass distraction you know in the comment space.

Watch out for how to deal with distractions.

Have great day.
Tomiwa Ogunremi