Recently, I met Tina, a naturally gifted and passionate singer. Her voice will pierce you like an arrow from an experienced warrior anytime she sings, to the extent her friends nicknamed her Celine Dion, but something happened to her.
She was urged to give singing a shot as a career, which she heeded and entered studio to record her first single. But no record label was willing to sign her.
After a lot of rejection, she decided to launch her album herself, then start the life of struggle, frustration and poverty.
“But what happened, with all the talent…?” Is what everybody was asking. I’m sure you’re asking too.
This is what happened.
A talent and passion that is not groomed with skills will likely fail.
That you’re passionate about something you can do very well naturally doesn’t mean you’ll succeed at it. There is a skill that backed every profession.
Skill is what you learn until you become an expert at it. Skill is what makes the difference between the professionals and talented. Skill is what differentiates the successful and the failures.
That’s why a less talented person often succeed than fully talented fellows.
Success in any endeavour, is marriage of passion, talent and skills.
There’s how to do it, present it, package it, market it and sell it in any profession. These are skill you need to learn.
Don’t jump into the muddy waters of business because you’re naturally good at doing something or passionate about it when you haven’t learnt it.
Give yourself to learning the skills required to succeed in your field on that thing you’re gifted and passionate about.
It’s a real and must marriage and not of convenience.
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