Little wonder how we live our lives from cradle to grave satisfying him.

Every our decisions and actions depend on him. We are bound in chains and fetters by him.

Our desires are not ours but his.

Though we’re not happy, but sheepishly we obey him like a sheep on its way to the slaughter’s slab.

The most painful part of it is we don’t even know we’ve been locked up in his dungeon from the day we were born. Our names, schools we attended, our friends, food we eat and how we eat, our dressing, our profession, even the church we attend are mostly decided by him.

Who will deliver us from his grip?

Can we even be delivered when we don’t know we are in his chains?

“So, who are you referring to?” You asked.


You will soon know.

He is all around you. He is everywhere.



Now that you know, will you escape from his prison today? Will you leave your life as you deem fit? Will you for once be in control of your life?

Stop what will people say if…

From today, live your life according to your faith, understanding, principles, values and not according to him. His decisions are not always right.

Remember, you are the one that will account for your life and not the society.