Listen up folks that want mentors.
I’ve been asked numerous times by my community during engagements on how can people attract mentors in their industry.
You must know, there are two types of mentors; mentors from afar (through books, blogs, seminars, audio and video CDs. They don’t know you exist) and mentors within your reach (One on one relationship). You need both to succeed.
Let me share my experience with you.
There was a man I admired so much that was already excelling in what I wanted to do. I desired to have him as my mentor so much that I told my senior brother who also is my mentor. Luckily, he knows him personally and he willingly linked me with him.
I met with my potential mentor as arranged and I wasted no time to announce my mission. As if he was waiting for my request. He said and I will never forget: “If you want me as your mentor, here are my books, audio CDs and video CDs, buy them and I will mentor you through them.” That was the end of the meeting and the last time I saw him.
Did I buy his books, and CDs? Yes!
Can I be mentored through them? Oh yes!
Did I get the kind of mentorship I was looking for? No!
Today, I now have the kind of mentors I wanted without looking beggarly?
How did I do it?
I will share it with you free of charge.
The easiest way to get mentors that will guide and take you by the hands to your success is to subscribe to their personalised coaching and training. Not general seminar.

Mentor word cloud written on a chalkboard

They’ll be obliged to see to your success.
Your success is their success.
You’ll have access to them directly.
They’ll know you are serious about your dream.
They’ll give you their best.
Don’t let money stop you.
If you’re really interested in growth and success, you will do everything possible to get your mentor’s attention.
Does it mean you can’t get mentors without spending? Yes and no!
You must show commitment.
The great leaders of thought in leadership, public speaking, writing or whatever industry today, were trained through a lot of commitment, which includes financials.
The real issue is commitment. Commitment to your mentors and commitment to your dreams.
How committed are you to your dreams?