When life throws you lemons, make lemonade with it…

If you’re always on the good side of life, I congratulate you. If you haven’t experienced clog in the wheel of your progress before, you’re a hero, more kudos to you.

For me, I have failed many times, I have experienced disappointments, I have made mistakes, I know what it means to be broke, I have been deserted by friends and loved ones and I know what it means to fail in business. However, I’ve always fought my way back.

That’s what life knows how to do best, give you lemons.

The point here is not about the lemons; our sour experiences, but what we make out of the sour side of life we experience daily.

The truth is the real heroes are not the people that haven’t experienced setbacks in their journey, real heroes are people that despite their pains, sorrows, disappointments, failures fought and emerge victorious and still able to carved out sweet stories from their experiences and are now superstars. Examples are Oprah Winfred and Joyce Meyer, who were sexually abused at the young age.


If you’re facing challenges today, face it squarely and defeat it!

Make sweet story from your setbacks!

Don’t dwell in self pity! Rise up and give it a fight

Nobody really cares! True! They will care when you succeed.

Therefore fight and succeed in whatever you’re doing.

We are waiting for your story.

Have a great week!