You read well!

If you’re not ready for the revolution, you better be before you’re swept off by it.

It’s not Arewa Youth vs Ndigbo threats, it’s digital revolution.


Please pay attention.

I was chatting with a senior friend, a senior editor with one of the leading print media organisations in Nigeria last week and the revelation from our discussions were mind blowing.

I asked a simple question about the effect of online news on the print media and he told me that in his own department alone, which is editing, over 100 people has been sacked in recent time.

He said the numbers of advert has dropped, numbers of daily printed newspapers has dropped and the company’s income has dropped drastically. But the online department is booming.

Do you know similar thing is happening in the banking and oil industry?

Other industries too are catching the bug.

Do you know the effect of this?

Heavy downsizing is in the offing.

Recently, there was war between local taxi drivers and Uber drivers.

Digital books are taking over, go and ask bookshops.

You better get the drill quick!

If what you’re doing presently is not digitally inclined, you’re sitting on a gun powder, you better to sit up and adjust, so as not to lose your seat in business and in your office.

That smart phone in your hand is not for fancy, it can change your life.

This Facebook you’re wasting your time on can make you a millionaire overnight if you know how to use it.

Ask me how.

Apple used to be a fruit.

Tweet used to be for birds.

If Facebook is a country, it will be 7x bigger than Nigeria. (Line from Top Radio ad).

That’s how.

What am I saying?

I’m saying, take your business, expertise, skills, gift and passion to the digital space.

That’s where the world is now!

That’s where the money is now!

Watch out for a training on how to utilise digital space for what you’re doing for profit.

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Have a great day!