One of the most discussed topics in the world today is goal setting and the reason for this is because of its importance to our success in life, but unfortunately, so many people are yet to fully understand or recognize its potency and efficiency.

While re-examining my life recently, I realized that some things that are happening to me now are some of the goals I set for myself many years ago, which is the basis on which I am writing this article.

As a naïve, easy going and unassuming teenager many years ago, I noticed there was a guy that usually visited our compound to see a lady, he always come with a red coupe Honda prelude car, which he parks outside. One of those days, I went to the car alone admiring it and set a goal for myself right there without knowing what I was doing and said, when I grow up, this is the exact kind of car I want to buy.

Surprisingly, about 25 years later, when I was to buy my first car in life, unconsciously, I told my brother who was to help me buy the car, to get Honda Prelude for me without mentioning a particular color. When he came back with the car, it was red coupe Honda Civic and I loved it. It never dawn on me what happed until recently and I vow never to set small goal for myself again.

On another instance, it has become my habit to set future goals, yearly goals, monthly goals and daily goals. One of my future goals then was for my future children when I was not married. I wrote that I want to have three children, two boys and one girl with their names – King, OluwaseunBabara and Wealth.

After getting married, I told my wife that we are having two children against my goal, which she did not totally agreed to, then came King and OluwaseunBabara as it was in my goal of many years and I said we are not having children again. But something surprising happened; my wife woke up one day and said she is pregnant. There was a sharp quarrel between us, I said, “no this can’t happen, this is not our plan.” I was bitter for days and feeling disappointed, then she came up to me one day and said, “This is my Fortune, he has come to stay.” From that day we started calling the baby in the womb, Fortune and when the child was born, it was a boy and we named him Fortune. It wasn’t until recently when I was going through my old writing stuffs that I saw this shocking revelation about my children and I marveled because Fortune also means Wealth.

This is just few among many of my experiences about goal setting; it is so powerful beyond what you can imagine.

My question now is, are you setting goals? If yes, what kind of goals are you setting, big or small?

Goal simply means something that somebody wants to achieve. Is there anything you want to achieve in this life? Do you have an aspiration and ambition? Where do you want to go in life? What kind of life do you want to live tomorrow? What kind of person do you want to spend the rest of your life with? What about your children, career, business, ministry, holidays, retirement, parents and death? Let all these form your goals, write them down and meditate over them. In writing your goals make sure they are SMAR, it is only smart goals that see the light of the day. Goal setting is spiritual, it is a principle of life and life answers to principle and theories, there is a chemistry that takes place in your subconscious that brings about fruition of your goals.

For your goals to be SMART, they must have the followings;

  • Specific – it must be exact, precise, detailed and explicit. Your goals must have colour, shape, make, model, year of make, name, sex, and origin.
  • Measurable – it must be calculable, quantifiable. It must have size, amount, number, length, breadth, height, volume, liters, area, acre, hectare, and kilometers.
  • Attainable – it must be achievable, possible, and within reach.
  • Realistic – it must be sensible, practical, pragmatic and a matter of fact.
  • Time bound – it must have a date, year, moment, occasion, point and instance.

Give your goal a name, date, height, colour, size, amount and number; these are the ingredient of good goal. For instance, if your goal is to get a car, you write it like this – I am having a White Range Rover Sport 2014 model car by December 2013.

Finally, make sure your goals are not small, make sure they are very big and make sure you set goal for every aspect of your life, such as academic, business, career, family, spiritual, material and so on. Like a magic, you will something moving towards them in no time.

Meet you at the top, because you are born great!

Thank you.

Tomiwa Ogunremi


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