I look with pity to see most married women in our society relegating themselves to the background of important things going on around and above them, which is against the popular thought of them being relegated by their male counterpart from scheme of things. This statement sounds strange, but will be clearer in a moment.

I have seen active ladies doing well in their academics until they got married, I have seen ladies doing creatively well in their secular career until they tied the nuptial knot, and I have also seen ladies bubbling with dreams and aspirations until they are Mrs. Something.

Is getting married a curse?

Is having children an excuse to dump your dreams?

Is leaving your father’s house to live with your husband enough reason for you to put all your life hopes and dreams on him?



It is true that “two shall become one” and “what God has joined together let no man put asunder”, but not in the area of purpose.


Purpose is your creator’s original intention of creating you; the use of a thing; what a creator have in mind while creating a thing; the reason for which something exists or for which it has been done or made. It is personal and not joined to your husband.


There is a reason why you were created, there is reason why you are not a man, but a woman. There is a reason why you married that man and not another and there is also a reason why you are married to your husband family.

Have you ever thought about that?

Have you find out these reasons?

If not, you are on sitting on a long thing!

My dear special sisters, don’t marry and dump your childhood dreams, you are still the same person, it is only your marital status that changed; don’t marry and live your husband’s life, you have your own life to live; don’t marry and throw your beautiful night gowns away and start tying wrapper without bra, you can still make your husband crazy about you, like when you were dating; don’t marry and abandon your friends you used to dream together, you need them to keep those dreams alive.

And to the husbands, your wife is not your slave, she is your help meet and not house help, that is, help that is necessary, right, required, needed, suitable, and compulsory for you, allow them to fulfill their destiny, allow them to follow after their passion and dreams. Be secured; don’t be afraid of their would-be success. God brought her across your way for a purpose; the purpose is to help bring the best out of her and made her fulfill her purpose on earth.

And in case you are there, you don’t even know who you are as a woman or what you are created for, you are not only doing yourself evil, you’re denying your generation of what you carry.

Don’t go to the grave full with your potentials; that album, that book, that orphanage, that school, that business, that ministry, that estate, that political position. The time is short, do something about it today!


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