If you belong to the class of people that believe so much in their competency, experience, skills, proficiency, intelligence quotient (IQ), qualifications and exposures to the extent of rejecting or not willing to learn more, listen to advises and contributions of others, then you are on the threshold of losing them all.

The earth according to geography is not stationary, it is moving, life is not stationary, it is moving, and nothing in this life is stationary, even non living things are moving by the help of man’s activities.

Please note that, the day you stop learning, is the day you start dying and no knowledge is a waste.

Some people have not opened a book and finish it since after graduation and some have not attended any seminar related to their business since they’ve started.

“Readers are leaders”, they say. Almost all mature human being is looking for, success, money, job and other good things of life, because we are created to desire comfort. Comfort is part of our makeup, that is why sickness, hunger, lack, bankruptcy and all form of suffering are considered as discomfort, they are alien to our original makeup, but they still happen to us anyway.


Lack of knowledge!

What you should be looking for is not money, is not job, is not promotion, is not spouse, is not a child, is not an idea, is not a business, it is information, they are locked up in books, articles, journals, libraries, gazettes, constitutions, blogs, websites and seminars.

What will give you all these things is information. Information will single you out among crowd. Information will unlock the gifts inside of you. Information will ignite life changing ideas in you. It will give you money, it will give you job, it will give you promotion, it will give you spouse; it will give you a child, it will give you peace of mind.

The creator said, “My people are suffering because they lack knowledge…”Hosea 4:6

No matter how much you think you know, there is someone that knows more than you. No matter what you are looking for or wanting to do, there is someone that has already done it. Like the popular saying, “there is nothing new under heaven.”

 Don’t die a mediocre thinking you know it all.

Don’t even limit your knowledge to your field, try and know a bit about everything. We are all being advised, to know everything about something and something about everything. If you know everything about your career, which is unlikely, do you know something about everything? If your answer is no like me, then you have to put aside your pride and start learning. The more you think you know, the more you will find out, you don’t know anything.

There are many ways to gain knowledge these days, such as;

  • Schools
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • News Letter
  • Gazette
  • Internet
  • Library
  • Seminars
  • Trainings

There is need for you to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the world right now. New Technologies are announced almost every month and you are playing I don‘t care. Not only do you need to be aware of them, there is need to be familiar with them, and know how they will affect your business and career either positively or negatively.

Life is competitive, there is competition everywhere. To beat competition there is need to be up till date at all times. So many business has closed down because they refuse to adapt to the fast pace of change. You can imagine a business that is still using typewriter now, while others are using IPAD.

Simply put, constant improvement is necessary to survive in today’s world. But to thrive, as successful people do, a more dedicated approach to improvement is required. Be smart.

“We have an innate desire to endlessly learn, grow and develop. We want to become more than what we already are. Once we yield to this inclination for continuous and never-ending improvement, we lead a life of endless accomplishment and satisfaction.”