Identity Crisis

There are certain occurrences that happen in life, which no one pray to witness or experience in their lifetime; they are negative, heartbreaking, disastrous and depressing, they are called Crises – disaster or catastrophe or calamity or predicament “, a dangerous or worrying time; a situation or period in which things are very uncertain, difficult, painful, especially a time when action must be taken to avoid complete disaster or breakdown.” The world at large is presently going through seasons of crisis over crisis and this trend is becoming worrisome and scary. There is financial crisis, food crisis, epidemic crisis, unemployment crisis, global warming and its effect such as flooding, earthquake, hurricane, landslide and many more. The recent of them is hurricane sandy that ran through the Caribbean countries to United State of America, which killed people and destroyed properties worth Billions of dollars.

As devastating as the effect of these crises mentioned above could be, there is a particular one that has more terrible effect than others, unfortunately, over 70% of people living on the face of the earth today are experiencing it without knowing , and it’s called Identity Crisis. Before you begin to throw missiles at me, let me explain.

What can be devastating than someone not knowing who he/she is? What can be more dangerous than someone duplicating or copying another man’s life? What can be more worrisome than someone gambling or experimenting with his life? Or what can be more heartbreaking than someone living aimlessly through life without purpose? If you are asked today, “who are you?” What will be your response? Most people might quickly answer, my name is…. Your name is not who you are, it is a means of identification and not your identity. The Identity I’m referring to is your essential self: the set of characteristics that somebody recognizes as belonging uniquely to himself or herself and constituting his or her individual personality for life; your individuality, uniqueness, distinctiveness, personality and your purpose.

What are you synonymous with?

When your name is mentioned, what comes to people’s mind?  For instance, when Bill Gate is mentioned, what comes to mind is computer software (Microsoft) and wealth, Denzel Washington is acting, Sam Adeyemi is Leadership and Church (Daystar), Tuface Idibia is singing, Barack Obama is politics and oratory prowess, and Nelson Mandela is service and leadership. What is your own? What is your Unique Selling Proposition? If you can’t answer this question in five seconds, you are suffering from identity crisis.

Let me tell you if you don’t know, you are a man on a mission, you are not an accident, you are not a specimen in a laboratory, you have a price tag on your head, you are manufactured by the creator (God) for a particular purpose, packaged and shipped to the earth to fulfill that purpose. Until you discover your assignment here, you are living in crisis both in this life and life to come. If you die today, what will you be remembered for? How many people will miss you for your service to humanity, ingenuity, invention, revival, sacrifice, product, leadership and for the cause you live and die for? You are loaded with precious potentials, the world is waiting to explore. Yours is not inferior to another, it is perfect!

Will you go down 6 ft in the grave with those precious talents, abilities, books, magazines, poems, messages, inventions, movies, products, services, ministry or industries or you want the world to have the feel of it and be blessed?

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