I want to tell you shomtin (in my son’s tongue)!

Please follow me.

I attended a secondary school that wasn’t too popular, but full of talented individuals, especially in sports way back in Ibadan.

Oba Akinbiyi High School II was famous for Football, Basketball, Sprints, 4x400m relay race and Lawn Tennis. During my set, there were so many budding stars emerging, people like Murla, Rossy, and Rotimi, among them also was this lanky guy called James (not the real name), he was a talented footballer known all over the city. By the time we were in SS2, he was already playing for a Division two club in Nigeria, he was the toast of our principal, and he was already granting press interviews. A portion of his interview and picture was cut and pasted in our school noticed board for all to see.

We all believed, the sky is the limit for James, we envied him. However, when I went to Ibadan some years back, it was shocking to see James selling used clothes at a popular bus stop in Ibadan, and as soon as he saw me, he quickly avoided me. What happened to James was the question ringing on my mind? By now, he should be in the class of Kanu Nwankwo. To make the matter worse, I heard about his death through a friend on face book sometime back.

This is the story of many talented individuals all over the world. Nigeria on her own is full of many talented individual that are roaming the street frustrated, which clearly indicated that having a talent is not enough reason for success.

While it is true that the creator loaded us with diverse talents to succeed with, he didn’t say talent will put food on our table on a platter of gold. God created gold, but it is useless until it is refined, He created crude oil, but it is useless until it is refined, He created diamond, but it is useless until it is polished.

Your talent is useless, until it is refined or polished.

Your talent is your abilities, endowments and natural gift, may be singing, writing, dancing, playing instruments, speaking, sports, cooking, comedy, acting, directing, poetry, drawing, sculpting, I.T. and many more.

If my talent is an indicator to my purpose, why can’t I enter the street and begin to use it as I am feeling?

If talent is not enough, what other things does it require before it can blossom and profit the bearer and humanity?

If questions like this are on your mind and you have been able to identify the area of your talent and passion, let me quickly shed light on what you need to add to your talent and how to profit with your talent.

1. Carry the giver of the gift (God) along.
2. Specialize, don’t try to be everything your talent offers
3. Give your talent a vision
4. Give your talent a mission statement
5. Enroll in a school that specializes in the area of your talent
6. Get a mentor in the area of your talent
7. Get a manager
8. Read books in the area of your talent
9. Attend seminars in the area of your talent
10. Join clubs or association of your talent e.g chess club or comedian club
11. Make friends with people in your industry
12. Offer to work free for people doing what you want to do or pay to learn from the masters
13. Package your talent into a product
14. Attend auditioning, trials, and reality shows
15. Offer your talent for free
16. Be determined to succeed and fail forward
17. Don’t allow setback to kill your vision and dreams
18. Brand yourself
19. Tell people about what you can do
20. Sell your talent

If you can do 70% of the above listed points, your success is guaranteed.

Talent development is a complex issue.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday.