My love for writing didn’t start today. I started as a child naturally, even though nobody was there to aid it.

I remembered vividly my first poem at the age of 10, which was prompted by a popular Jehovah Witness magazine, Awake. Every households used have them.

If you are familiar with it, their detailed expression of the Garden of Eden is so beautiful, especially the animals. I love animals and nature though. So, I was always fascinated to them even till today.

After gazing at the beauty of these animals and nature for long, an emotion was busted inside my heart to the extent of causing my pen to bleed.

My pen bleeds profusely in awe of the creator, about His craft and ingenuity;
The perfection of His designs;
His use of colours;
The shapes of the animals;
The uniqueness of each animal;
The accuracy in His lines and measure;
And the thoughts in the heart of the creator while creating animals and nature.

Have you ever thought of this?

Amazing, so amazing!

Fast forward, when I see things around me today, such as the fantastic airplanes, fast cars, smart phones, excellent bridges, beautiful houses, surprising sky scrapers, wonderful books, excellent speeches, nice articles, glorious arts, crazy refineries, powerful engines, great inventions and other beautiful things around the world, I realised that during the seven days of creation, the creator inserted into His creations, especially man his creative nature and abilities to continue where he stopped.

The last thing that was created by God was man about 4000 years ago, everything that existed since then were created by the created.

So, next time you walk on the street and see anything fascinating, please note that it was created by a creation that have the same creative potential like you.


Do you know the world can be better this?
Do you know that the world can be more beautiful than this?
Do you know that things can be easier than this in the world?


Only if you bring out your potentials;
Only if you create;
Only if you solve problems;
Only if you use your ingenuity;
Only if you bring on your passion;
Only if you bring on you a game;
Only if you use what you’ve got – the books, poems, inventions, songs, arts, schools, business, solutions, products, leadership, design and others.

You owe humanity a debt.
When are you going to pay?

The whole creature is waiting for your manifestation.
Will they wait in van?