Call me a whore. May be I was.
Call me unfaithful. May be l was.
Call me naïve. May be I was.
Call me disloyal. No, I’m not. I consider myself to be very loyal.
Call me a miracle seeker. I never was and I will never be.
The journey of life sometimes makes us all kinds of person; we are constantly evolving until we fully state of realization of who we really are.
I was born a Christian into The Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim Church. When I was in junior class in Secondary School, I joined my school fellowship which was being run by The Scripture Union of Nigeria. Most of the guys there then were members of Deeper Life Bible Church. So I was influenced to join Deeper Life International Ministries and I was a member almost throughout my secondary School days. Some events happened along the line which made me left Deeper Life into the waiting hands of Rhema Chapel International. What a transition, if you know what I mean.
Then I got admission into higher institution and city where there is no Rhema Chapel, so I have to look for a church that best suit my beliefs. Luckily a church just came into our campus that believes in the ideology for my kind of church. I quickly joined as a pioneer member, the church is called, Victory Life Ministry. This is the church I worshiped all through my life till I relocated to Lagos to work.
Getting to Lagos which obviously has the international headquarters of my church, but I just couldn’t fit in. The reason I don’t know till today. Then I was invited by a colleague to New Covenant Assembly, the church I worships now and I have been there for the past 15 years.
Is this a chronicles of churches I’ve attended? No!
So, what is it all about?
In all my years in various churches with different doctrines that shaped me into who I am today, there is one thing that is constant in all of them aside God and Jesus Christ, it is the pulpit. The elevated structure made of either of marble, wood or glass on which the preacher always put their Bibles and notes while preaching. It is also called a platform.
This is what it’s all about!
Why is pulpit common to all the churches?
Because it is elevated, it gives the preacher the advantage to see through the eyes of the congregation almost at once in order to penetrate them with his message. It also gives each congregant the same advantage of being able to see the preacher at a glance and maintain eye contacts without being hindered. In communication, eye contact is important.
Similarly in every business or endeavours of life where communication is important, especially by one person or an organization to a large number of people at the same time, a platform is as equally important. That’s why every community has a town hall with a platform, so also is politicians during their campaigns.
Are you a coach, consultant, community, artist, comedian, singer, entrepreneur or someone with a message or product or service to humanity?
Do you have a platform through which you reach your target audience regularly?
If you don’t, note that you have not started. How can they hear, if there is no regular platform to meet them and for them to hear you?
You need a platform!
In this age of technology, where barriers has been broken, where the world in no longer a global village, but a global home, there are many opportunities for platforms which has been built everyday. You have to take advantage of them.
Here are some of the various platforms for you to build your believers and constantly feed them with your message.
1. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pintrest, Goggle+, etc). Choose the one that best suits your audience and message.
2. Blogging
3. Website
4. WhatsApp
5. Traditional media: Radio, television, newspapers and magazines.
6. Email
7. Apps
8. Towns Meeting
9. One on one
10. Affiliates
The platform you should choose should largely be determined by your message and your target audience. Take your message to a platform where your audience is.
Please note that you can have various platforms at a time, but it is advisable to start with the best suitable one and then expand to others.
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