Dreams or vision is the vehicle that takes us from where we are to where we want to go, it is the engine that keeps us sleeping and waking up everyday with the hope for a good tomorrow. If you don’t have one, you are like a driver that left his house in the morning heading nowhere and ended up frustrated at the end of the day, with wasted time, wasted energy and wasted resources.

If you have one, I congratulate you. If you have a dream you are working on and is like is not working, and you are in valley of decision, whether to dump the dream and chart another course for yourself or whether to keep on keeping on. I have a message for you, please hang on there, and don’t fret! Let me inform you that the birth of anything in life, whether a child, animal, plant, flight or dreams are always with a fight. If you have not seen a woman in labor or witnessed the delivery of a child before, please ask your mother or wife or pay a visit to maternity home, you will understand better. On the alternative, kindly pay a visit to an airport and do everything possible to witness the taking off of a plane, and you will realize that they are always with an agony and fight respectively.

I know that when your dreams are yet to speak or materialized, you will be the most stupid and unrealistic fellow in the eyes of people around you. You will be asked to go get a life. It has always been like that. Why? Because you are the only one that knows what you saw, no matter how hard you explain to them, they won’t understand. Joseph in the Bible was a good example, he told his family what he saw, but they shut him up. He went through hell and lost everything, even in the hands of his blood brothers, but he eventually lived his dreams and his folks remembered when it finally came to fulfillment what he used to tell about his dreams.

Do you know why they call Mike Adenuga Jnr., the greatest comeback kid in Nigeria? He had a dream of a Nigerian owned telecommunication outfit that will compete internationally, when the opportunity came, he applied and got the license in partnership with Alcatel, everything was going on fine until suddenly, there was a news government and all licenses were cancelled. He went after another license and won the bid for a GSM license with $285million, which he raised, and unfortunately for him, the license was cancelled for the second time with $20million paid application fee. Did he die? No. Did he give up on his dream? No! Down but not out, Mike Adenuga kept hope alive hid dreams and pressed on. He applied all legal strategy within his reach and after a long tussle; he regained his GSM license back. With his GSM license back, Mike Adenuga founded the second national telecom operator, Global Communication Limited, the pride of Nigeria.

How much have you lost as a result of your dream? How bad has your standard of living dropped? No matter the case, don’t give up on your dreams. Remember, “Winners don’t quit, and quitters don’t win.” On the final day of 2011/2012 English Premier League, Manchester City have a dream of becoming the league champion after many years of failure, but was close to losing it after 90 minutes relegation time, but held on. They were 2 goals down, but for their determination and tenacity, what they couldn’t do in 90 minutes, they did it under 4 minutes. They were the champion!

We are all on a journey; it is where we are going that is different. Make sure you know where you are going, be clear and precise about it, design the road map on how to get there, set goals on how to get and take step each day towards your destination. In no time you will get there.

Meet you at the top.


Tomiwa Ogunremi