6 Simple Ways to Brand your Talent & Passion

Branding and talent goes hand in hand. The best way to distinguish yourself from the crowd is through branding, but unfortunately, many talented people don’t know this, they believe branding is for corporate organizations alone. It should also be stated that branding is not for the rich, it is for everybody.

Your uniqueness and distinctiveness should be topmost on your mind if you desire to succeed in your quest for greatness. Often time, people don’t buy product, they buy brands, because they are emotionally attached to the brand. An example of this is King Sunny Ade, a Nigerian veteran Juju maestro, my father was so attached to his music that, having all his album was a must whether interesting or not.

These are the some of the ways you can create a brand for yourself and products.

  1. Identity – A unique name. What do you want your product or yourself to be called? Whenever you remember someone or product or organization, the first thing that comes to your mind is the name. And if you want to tell others about your experience with someone, product or place, you do so with their names. This is natural. So create a name if you don’t have one, even no name is a name. While everybody has name, what distinguished you is the name itself. Your name should be stylish, unique, presentable and easy to remember. It must be related with your industry.

  1. Create your value – What your brand want to represent. You must be able to say what your brand stands for in 10 seconds. These will determine every other thing you do including your name, appearance, design, delivery, and attitude. To be able to do this, you need a mission statement and core values. It is very important. It is the foundation for your brand.


  1. Appearance – How you want your brand to be seen or perceived, which includes your look, dressing, carriage, design, logo, and color, which will appear on your business cards, website, letterhead, ads and so on. This is what people see and form their opinion about you and your products before they even experience the real thing, because it is a statement. Most of the time, they don’t bother to experience the real thing because the outward packaging has put them off. Perception is everything. Please create an appearance that appeal to your target demography.

Businessman Computer Planning Marketing Brand Concept

  1. Effect – What and how you want your audience or market to feel when they come in contact your brand. Most of the time, this is achieved by either the effect the brand has created in the mind of the people by its results or through artificial effect often created by advertisement.


  1. Have a unique attitude you want to be known with – Attitude and character is everything when it comes with dealing with people. If your brand is meant for people, then as a principle, you must have a predetermined attitude you want your brand to exhibit publicly. This will go a long way to sustain your brand. Remember, charisma will carry you up, but only character will keep you up.


  1. Discover your audience/target market – You cannot successfully create a brand without knowing who and who you are targeting. Focusing your attention on your target creates almost immediate result. This saves you time and resources. Most brand waste precious time and resources talking to people that are not interested in what they are offering.


With these few tips, you will be able to create a brand for yourself. However, there are professionals that can help you create one easily at a cost.