Tunde is a tall, dark and handsome gentle guy, who believes his mission on earth, is to become a medical doctor.
This is the story of my senior brother.
He was so determined and ready to pay any price to make this a reality, but he needs about 10 years to get ready for the real deal. He has to first sit for WAEC, pass his papers, sat for JAMB, pass with high mark, but he was not given Medicine at University of Ibadan and he has to settle for Biochemistry to enter.
At the end of year one, being clear of his mission, sat for another examination to cross to back to Medicine, which he passed. He then spends 6 years learning how to be a doctor, later went for one year house-manship for practical, graduated with funfair and preceded for his one year compulsory National service.
As if all these weren’t enough, he told me he had to specialise and his choice was Psychiatry. Without much ado, he went for another 2 years training at ARO in Abeokuta, before leaving the shores of this country.
Today he’s a successful Psychiatry consultant in demand all over the world.
No shortcut, no magomago!
One of the reasons why most people fail in life is because there is no space between their clarity and work on their clarity.
Jesus was clear about his mission on earth at the age of 12, but never starts until he was 30. He only worked for 3 years on his mission and the world is yet to recover from those years almost 2000 years after.
The question is what was he doing for 18years? Why didn’t he just start?
May be there was an appointed time for him to start.
Yes, there is an appointed time for everything, but that time might never come until you fill the space with preparation.
Jesus was learning with the teachers and masters, reading and researching about prophesies that have gone ahead of him. Then he sought the approval of his father in baptism, got filled with the Holy Ghost, got tested in the University of the Wilderness, passed and starts. Jesus was not lucky, he worked for his success.
Without adequate preparation, there is no actualization and without actualization, no fulfillment.
It is said, “there is nothing like luck in life; luck is when opportunity meets preparation.”
How prepared are you for your mission, vision, dreams, goals and ambition?
Preparation is what you do after being clear about where you are going in life. It’s the school, training, research, observation, the skills you learn, the experimentation you passed through before launching out. Without this, you might be frustrated or fail.
Therefore, make sure you learn everything you need to learn to the least that will help you actualize your dreams in life. A well sharpened cutlass make cutting easy. Sharpened your skills
There is no shortcut in life!
Shortcut will cut your life short!
Don’t joke with your preparation.
Be fully prepared before you launch out.
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Have a great day!