21 Reasons God gave Men Gifts and Talents
Abel can make you laugh and you will forget your name in two minutes.
When you’re reading Yinka’s writings, you can’t get your eyes off them ‘till you’re done.
If Raphael just look at engines not functioning properly, they’re fixed.
Ireti just tie gele effortlessly.
Creative designs come to Francis natural.
Victor’s oratory prowess will get you up your seat without you knowing it.
Have you ever find out why you are gifted?
Has it ever bothered you why the creator deems it fit to load men with differs gifts?
There is purpose for everything under the earth, and your gifting is not exceptions.
It is said that when purpose is not known abuse is automatically inevitable. The rate at which gifts and abilities are being abused by people in the world today, calls for great concern and which in turn propelled this write-up.
For better understanding of what gifts are meant for, here are 21 reasons why you are gifted;
1. To make the world a better place
2. To help and assist each other
3. To help you fulfill your purpose on earth
4. To connect men back to God
5. For world’s provision
6. For world’s protection
7. To make life easy for us all
8. To actualize kingdom of heaven on earth
9. To help the less privilege
10. To support government
11. To build nations
12. To prevent drought and famine
13. To invent gadgets and equipments
14. To encourage one another
15. To make organization grow and succeed
16. To pass wisdom to the next generation
17. To impart knowledge
18. To have the world of God’s dream
19. To do God’s work
20. To make God happy
21. To make a living
Remember, a steward will give account of his stewardship. Your gift is given to you in trust and you will give account of how you use it both here and time to come.
The question is, what are you doing with your gifting?