Since I’ve being on social media for over ten years, I’ve seen energetic ladies and gentlemen gaining serious traction with their post after post.

They showed up daily with killer content that their followers just can’t resist, but to comment, share and like, with some up to 100 comments per post. Most of these guys don’t even have any formal training on social media or how to create killer content.

They just followed their instincts and get shit done.

I have two of them like that; one writes on sex and the other writes on politics.

Guess what?

They are very popular on social media, while some are jobless and broke; others have jobs but are not taking advantage of their online popularity.

Your passion is to give you fulfilment and also help you make a living.

Every great invention today starts with passion and ends with a great enterprise. Facebook didn’t start with money in mind but ends making the owner one of the five richest men on earth today.

If you are one of these people and you’re looking for a way out, CREATE PRODUCTS or SELL OTHERS PRODUCT or BECOME AN AFFILIATE.

Bella Naija and Linda Ikeji don’t really have products of their own but are millionaires selling other people’s product using their popularity.  Kim Kardashian is not just rich with her reality show and cosmetic line; she also rakes in millions of dollars selling other people’s product with her popularity.

You can make cool money by affiliating with online shops like Jumia, Konga and the rest, selling products related to your topics. You can approach people with events and books, enter an agreement with them and share profits.

It’s a crime to be popular and be broke, sell your popularity.

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