Why do we always love the hard way?


Is it because they say, “The hard way is the only way?”


Wait for it!


A friend just came visiting from the UK recently and was discussing brilliant business ideas with me somewhere on the mainland while we were trying to hook up an Uber driver that will take us to Lekki on the island. It seems my friend just came back from a mind retreat before visiting.


So, he mentioned this particular idea with people buying tickets only online, even before using the service and I quickly interjected him with “NO, it might not work here for now.“ He was surprised and quickly asked me why I think the idea won’t work.


I told him about my observation about Nigerian’s mentality, how the majority are yet to grab the opportunities loaded in digital technology; especially the people within the locality the potential business will be situated.


I went ahead to tell him that most people are yet to tap into the advantage of technology solutions in the transportation industry like Uber and Taxify either because they’re not aware it exists, or used to molue, or they just don’t care.


I also told him about my observation at the Lekki Toll Gate, which seems to be very ridiculous. Lekki is a supposed elites’ neighbourhood, but at the toll gate, it is not. You’ll discover that there are various options to pass through the gate such as E-tag, Exact payment and any amount options. There are always very few vehicles at the E-tag gate, may be 5% of the vehicles, at the Exact gate, you’ll see about 20% vehicles and 75% at any amount gates.


Not only that, the operator of the toll gate, which I believe as a result of research on Nigerians psychology or observation over time have only one – two gate each for e-tag and exact, while there are 5-7 gates for any amount.


Have you noticed this scenario too?


Does it make sense to you?

Have you ever ask yourself why?


Let me shock you further, E-tag option at the toll gate is far cheaper than others and you won’t spend up to 2 minutes at the gate during peak hours, you only have to register and pay in advance, unlike any amount option that you may spend up to 30 minutes during peak periods.


The funniest part is the commercial drivers that pass the toll gate 6-7 times a day, though subsidized, will waste time at any amount option with others that are going home, instead of saving time and making more trips and more money.


Is it not absurd?


Who did this to us?


This is my point; it’s time we start taking advantage of technology. The world has gone digital but we might be left out. Digital options or products came to make things easy and especially to help save the most precious resources called time.


Digital books are taking over traditional book shelves.


Social media is taking over old media.


Satellite stations are swallowing terrestrial stations.


YouTube is leaving laptops, tabs and phones to smart TV.


Live streaming of events is taking over live events.


Tickets are bought over before events online.


Deals are completed online this day.


Online seminars and training taking over.


What are we afraid of?




At least, not in any of the aforementioned.


Go digital and set your life free!


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