Jesus met with two blind men in the book of Matthew, they requested for healing and He healed them of their blindness but warned them to keep quiet; they shouldn’t let people know about it. Meanwhile, instead of keeping quiet, they did the opposite; they spread the news about him everywhere in the country. Free marketing!

The question is, why did they do that?

Hmmm, these guys have been living in darkness all their lives, but now can see; they now know what their wives and children look like, walk on their own without being aided, know different between white and red and now can appreciate nature and you want them to keep quiet! Never!

The same is with happy and satisfied customers. As you cannot stop a delivered man from expressing his joy by sharing his story, you can’t stop happy customers from telling others about the product that changed their lives.

People will not come back or tell others about your product, except they are wowed or the product solved their problem.

No matter your product…, make sure you leave people with an experience to talk about. Wow them with delivery, packaging, customer service and above all with a solution and they will tell others about it and will also come back.

This applies to all products, whether tangible or intangible.