It is amazing to found out that most people don’t know how powerful and incredible they are. Ask me how.

Okay. I will tell you.

There are so much energy and power called POTENTIALS bottled up within each and every one of us begging for expression.

Please release them!

Set the genie free!

You can’t imagine great things that genie in your bottle can make you achieve and become.

Some time ago, an accident occurred that involved a woman and her child. The vehicle hit them and ran over them. It happened that the mother and child survived the accident, but something tremendous, that is strange to the onlookers and sympathisers occurred. The mother, though in pains stood up and asked, ” Where is my baby?” (Mother’s love) The next voice that was heard was the baby crying under the vehicle. The mother ran and single handily lifted the vehicle away from her baby to safety. Everybody around was like haaaaaaaaaa!

“What happened?” “How did she do that?” “This is strange!” Were some of the expressions around.

Have you noticed incredible things you’ve done when in danger?

They are naturally inside, not outside. Passion for something greater than you can bring them out.

Passion and emotions are powerful tools that can pull the trigger of your loaded gun.

You are loaded with great potentials, don’t die with them. The world is waiting for your manifestation. Don’t disappoint them.

Pull the trigger!

Release the genie!

Free your potentials!

Don’t be afraid to fail!

The world is your stage. We are waiting for you.

Sing that song. Share that story. Write that book. Start that school. Start that business. Vie for that position. Go for that course…



You can do it!

Set yourself ablaze. We are waiting to watch burn.