I was starring at the painting on the canvas, carried away by the calmness of the work and thinking of what could be on the mind of the artist while making it.


As if the owner of the gallery was reading my mind, he pointed to someone in the gallery and said to me,”That’s the artist behind the painting.”


Our eyes instantly locked together and I said, “No wonder! This painting reflects your nature; very calm just like you.”


He smiled and thanked me for the compliment as I asked him, “What was on your mind while making this painting?” He said,” I wanted to create something unique and special, and I asked the Holy Spirit to give me inspiration and the image of Mokoko community in Lagos came to my mind. I thought to myself,”no matter how backward this location could be, something great can still come out of it.” That was how this painting came to being.”


He continued by saying, “To confirm my thoughts, recently, I was reading a journal by an artist, who noticed a young natural artist living in this Makoko community. He approached him, encouraged him to further his education, which he did. From there, he was able install air conditioner in his house in Makoko (which means his status changed) and as we speak, the boy is now living in United state of America plying his trade.”


Like this story, no matter how hopeless your situation may seems right now, if you look deeply, inside the hopelessness is a celebrity waiting to be celebrated.


Can anything good come out of Nazareth?


Yes! Many good things can come out of your Nazareth.


Your background is not the reason your back is on the ground.


There is a seed of greatness in you that is looking for expression.


It only takes a seed for a forest to emerge.


That seed is your purpose.


That seed is your talent.


That seed is your passion.


That seed is your experience.


That seed is your expertise.


That seed is your skills


You’re gold in the mud. Wash away the mud with training and coaching and the shining part of you will emerge.


You’re a star, go and shine!