The richest man in Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote was quoted in a recent interview with Bloomberg, that once he completed the Lagos oil refinery he’s building, his next project is to take over Arsenal Football Club in England.

Not only that, he told the magazine, that his first assignment after taking over is to relieve Arsene Wenger, the current coach of the club of his job. In his words, “He has tried for the club, let another person try his luck.”

Though this is not the first time Dangote is talking about buying Arsenal, this story sparked a lot of thoughts in me, which I believe are the qualities of a great leader, entrepreneur or anybody that want to become somebody in life.

They are:
1. Passion
2. Vision
3. Thinking big
4. Speaking big
5. Dare the barrier

Passion: Put your investment where your passion is. Dangote is a die hard fan of Arsenal and he is ready to put his money where his heart is. Grow your passion.

Vision: Without vision, there’s no destination. Anywhere is the destination of a man without vision. Dangote already knew his next destination. What is your next destination?

Thinking Big: Your life will always take the size of your thoughts. Dangote started local but he’s thinking international. Gradually, his is expanding to other African countries, now he’s targeting Europe. How big are your thoughts and dreams?

Speaking Big: Nobody will arrest you for talking big, it’s free. They can only laugh. If people have not laughed at your words, you’re speaking small. Talking big attracts attention and ignite great happenings.

Dare the Barrier: Be blind to those things that can stop you, move towards them anyway. The current owner of Arsenal, Stan said, the club is not for sale. He’s worth $7.5billion while Dangote worths $13billion according to Forbes. Dangote said they will walk away when they see the right amount.

What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams, take a clue from this, pursue your goal and be the best you can be in life?

You’re a star, go and shine!

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