The greatness of a forest is in a seed.

The greatness of a nation is in men.

The greatness of a man is in a man.

Your multi million dollars is already in you.

God hid the greatness, wealth, fame, recognition of every single thing He created in the thing and not outside it.

Gold came out of gold stone.

Chocolate came from cocoa.

Fuel, gas and diesel came out of crude oil.

To mention but few.

Their by-products give them value, prestige, recognition and greatness.

Your value, prestige and greatness
were born with you. They’re inside of you and not outside. All you need to do is to discover it and refine it.

Peace, the multi colour eyes Ugwu seller was recently discovered in Mile 12 market in Lagos and now a super model. Her greatness was hidden in her eyes (Can you imagine?)

I’m sure they might call her names because of her multi coloured eyes prior to her discovery.

Olajumoke, the street bread seller is already a celebrity. Her own was hidden in her face and posture.

Mine is hidden in my hands and mind.

Where is yours hidden?

Nobody is born useless, you’re born useful. We’re all waiting for your manifestation.


Stop looking outside, start looking inside.

Stop staying indoors, start going outside.

Resolve to discover it and be great before you leave this shore.

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