There was a King whose daughter was ready for marriage, but he wouldn’t just give her out to anybody. He wanted a very courageous man for his daughter. So he set up a competition among the able bodied men in the community.

They are to run a long distance and end it by climbing a very high mountain. Whoever emerges as the winner will marry the princess.

So the competition started with about 100 guys, all bragging. Who wouldn’t want to be King’s in-law anyway? About 50 of them managed to get to the end of the race, then they started climbing the mountain. It was very difficult to climb, many fell and got injured in the process.

Then the onlookers started condemning and abusing them. “Shameless he-goats, you want to die because of a woman.” “Greedy fools, all these just to be King’s in-law?” “Just stop, you can’t make it to the top of the mountain.”It is an impossible task, no one can make!”

Then, discouragement set in, the contestants started giving up one after the other, but there was this man who kept at it. He was just climbing and climbing until he got to the zenith of the mountain and emerged the winner. Everybody including the abusers started praising his courage. It was when he came down from the mountain and was been asked about his motivation that they discovered that he was DEAF.

Until you are deaf to certain talks, you’re not going to make it to the top. It’s unfortunate that the people we listened to most, are the ones not doing anything to get anywhere in life.

Who has your ears has your life. Avoid people and places that kill dreams.

As a matter of principle, chose who speaks to you carefully if you are to fulfill your dreams. Avoid the dream killers. Fire from all cylinders. Give your dreams all it takes and don’t be afraid of failure.

Get yourself inspired at all times and the zenith will be yours to conquer.