Do you know that Pastor Sam Adeyemi was a trained engineer before becoming a pastor and now a successful cleric and a known Pentecostal revolutionary?

Do you know that Pastor E. A. Adeboye was a lecturer of Mathematics before becoming a pastor and now one of the most influential men on earth?

Do you know that Rashidi Yekini was a panel beater before becoming a known and great footballer?

Do you know that Usain Bolt started with Cricket before becoming an athlete and the fastest man alive?

Do you know that it was actually his Cricket coach that asked him to try athletics?

I have come to realise that greatness always meet people in the place of genuine service and being truthfully engaged.

Perfection is in the future. Where you are presently is as important as your future. Take it seriously.

Secondly, whether you are a coach, consultant or entrepreneur, don’t kill yourself comparing yourself with others in your field. Don’t try to figure out whether you’ll ever make it doing what you are doing.

Successful people have laid their hands on various things before becoming successful, but those things always come, while giving what they’re doing their best.

Your today is not the definition of your future, but your future can be found in what you’re doing today.

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