“How do you do these things?” was a question someone asked me recently. He was curious how I manage to be consistent in doing what I’m doing on the social media – my daily posts.

“Tomiwa, it is obvious you’re especially gifted to write! I don’t think I can do that. ” noted another friend during a one on one chat.

“Sir, I’ve been following your write-ups on Facebook in recent time and I’m amazed at how you use everything going on in the society as well as your personal life to drive home points. More grace!” was a comment I received on a post from a follower last week.

“Hello sir, thanks for your great posts. I will love to be tagged in your motivational posts, so if peradventure I’m out of Facebook, I will see them when I sign in. Thanks, sir in anticipation of a positive response.” I received this one in my Facebook messenger inbox from a follower recently.

The most recent one is this one I received through WhatsApp messenger from a sister. “Hello, sir. Hope you are fine & your family too. How can I learn how to use storytelling to sell my Real Estate Properties? I enjoy reading your articles on Facebook and I need to learn how to articulate my thoughts into writing. Any ideas? Hope to learn from a master like you.”

These are few among many feedbacks I receive daily.

Am I a gifted writer?

Yes, of course! I acknowledged the gift of God.
Is it this gift 100% that make up for what I’m doing on social media?

Capital NO!

Here is the truth: It’s 25% gift/passion, 35% training, 10% observation, 10% practice and 15% doing. In another word, anybody can do the same with minimal training and determination, even if you don’t like writing.

I’m sure you’re shocked to note that training takes the highest percentage of my success in this regard.
How do I know?

I’ve been writing for years, but I started having the results I have now after adding training, observation, practice and doing to my passion.

Therefore, in order to help as many individuals as possible who want to hone their writing skills so as to start getting results, I’ve designed an online course “KILLER CONTENT WRITING MASTERCLASS” to train just 20 persons on the following for almost free:

– How to create killer content, even if you don’t like writing
– The art of writing
– How to use the power of storytelling to gain visibility and influence
– Various strategies that make writing easy and catchy
– How to multiply your sales using stories
– How to use, Call to Action (CTA)on your contents and its Strategies
– How consistent writing can multiply your reach
– Writing, emotional intelligence and stories
– How to turn your posts to books

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