Jose Mourinho (‘the special one’), one of the best coaches in the world in 2014/15 season won the English Premier League (EPL)for Chelsea F.C. but was sacked at the end 2015/16 the following season because he ended up 8th on the table.

Claudio Ranieri from nowhere led the underdog Leicester City F.C. to English Premier League (EPL) glory during 2015/16 season. Not only that, he emerged the best coach of the season but was sacked by the club the following season for failing to repeat the previous year feat with the club one point above the relegation zone with 13 matches remaining in the season.

Please note that no matter how good a football coach is, if his team is not winning matches, he’s a failure and a loser. Most of the time, such coaches are sacked and replaced after they might have been given enough chance.

This is similar in every way to you if you call yourself a coach. A coach is a coach irrespective of your field.

Who is a coach?

A coach is someone who has what it takes to train, teach, instruct, guide or prepares another person on a particular thing from the point of “I don’t know” to “I know” and “I can’t” to “I can”. A coach helps one to achieve something worthwhile

Please note:

You’re not a coach because you can speak or write fluently.

You’re not a coach because you’re very knowledgeable about something.

You’re not a coach because people are calling you ‘coach’.

You’re not a coach because you have solutions to people’s problems.


You’re a coach when you transform people; when you move them from point A to point B when you’re able to change their mindset, understanding and help them get the result they desire.

Most coaches leave people miserable and more confused than they were before. This happens because the coaches either lack the knowledge they claim they have or lack the know-how on how to pass the knowledge.

What works for you may not work for another person. If you base your coaching on how your strategy worked for you, you’ve failed ab initio. It’s the duty of a coach through questioning to devise strategies that work for different people with different situation.

Conclusively, if you’re a ‘coach’, you need the following to achieve the result of a coach:

1. You need a coach
2. You need training
3. You need system
4. You need strategy
5. You need emotional and cultural intelligence
6. You need the determination to help people achieve their desires.

However, we must be very clear about this fact that no matter how hard we try, we can only force a horse to the river, we can’t force water down its throat. No matter how a coach tries to impart and transform a person, the willingness to learn and follow instruction on the part of the student is primary to the success of that student.

A coach can’t help a student that isn’t willing to learn.

I want to use this opportunity to thank my coaches;
Austin Edobor
Steve Harris II
Emeka Nobis
Padebi Ojomo
Johnson Emmanuel

Appreciate a coach here if you have one.