I grew up in a big family with big brothers everywhere.

One of my brothers just couldn’t stand it seeing me sleeping at home when my mates were already in school.

He came home one day with an admission form and told me the school he’s helping me to get admission into, but that I have two courses to choose from – Estate Management or Banking and Finance.

He advised me to go for Estate Management because I have higher chance of being admitted and do well in the industry. We filled the form, did all the necessary things and I was truly admitted to study estate management.

That was how I started the journey of becoming a real estate broker. Schooled for 5 years, graduated, served my country and started working. After working for a while, one of my brothers in Europe, whom I told to teach me how to catch fishes rather than giving me fishes started sending me inspirational, financial and management books.

With time, I became addicted to books and started learning so many things including finding purpose which is the most fascinating and important topic I ever heard of.

Then start the desire to figure out who I am, why I’m here and my message for humanity.

I discovered few things about myself – I love to write, I love to help and inspire others and I love internet.

But what am I going to be writing about?

I decided to be writing about purpose, motivation and inspiration using Internet as one my platforms.

Having published books both locally and internationally, hosted blog sites with heavy presence on social media, and hosting seminars for years with little or no result to show for it but frustration, I decided enough is enough!

I decided that there must be a code to this thing and I started searching for it and ah, I found it and finally experienced my epiphany!

I came across a book called Grow Your Platform by Emeka Nobis and boom💥 and that was it for me.

I later met with him one on one, enrolled for his courses and I gained my CLARITY. He made me realised ‘niching-down’ is the way.

Like striking thunder, I exploded💣 and I started moving at a speed of light doing things I couldn’t do in 10 years.

I released 2 books in one year, sold thousands of copies without printing a copy. Sold out trainings with results and testimonies. My years of frustration, experimentation, trial and error were indeed over just like that and I’ve been helping others gain clarity too ever since.

Are you going through a period of confusion, depression and disappointment, not knowing who you are, where you are here and your message for humanity?

Are you not finding happiness with what you are doing presently?

Are you not finding fulfilment in life and trial and error has become your middle name?

Are you multi-talented, but confused of which passion to concentrate on?

Have you discovered your passion but don’t know how to it a money making machine?

Fret not!

You will find answer to all these questions and more if you enroll for the inaugural edition of SCHOOL OF CLARITY AND LIFE SUCCESS for almost FREE and your worries would be over.

If I can do it, you too can do it!

Course Fee: N3500 (Worth N50,000)

Venue: Closed Facebook Group

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