Have you ever aspire to be a thought leader in your industry?

If yes, then be my guest!

How would you feel to be the next John Obidi, Emeka Nobis or Tomiwa Ogunremi?😉

There’s something similar about these three dudes, they’re thought leaders and they create contents you want to read!

Let me shock you!

Content is everything…

The gospel of Jesus Christ came with a content – John 3:16…

Martin Luther King jr. is still relevant till today because of his content – “I have a dream…”

Barack Obama broke record as the first black American president because of his content before and during the campaign – you remembers “Yes we can!”

Even Buhari came with a content called “CHANGE…” and majority bought into it.😂

Coca cola is selling content and not the beverage – “Refreshing…”

If you don’t have content in the market place of life, you have nothing!

Have you ever ask yourself why this particular person you love going to his or her wall, page, group or blog is always fully loaded with contents full of value?

Probably not!

The answer is simple and direct – he or she is constantly investing in him or herself through reading (mostly), researching, listening to tapes, attending training and acting the knowledge, which is called wisdom.

Nobody listens to a shallow minded person. You can only vomit what you’ve eaten. You can’t give what you don’t have.

In this age of information, you will continue to lag behind in the scheme of things, if you are mentally lazy, proud and complacent – …they can’t learn.

You must be hungry for fresh knowledge at all times if you must reign and keep reigning.

5 Tips for become a thought leader in your industry

1. Have a message
I see a lot of guys on social media today with conflicting message. They’re selling cake today and tomorrow is make up. You can be whatever in anything, but you can only be an expert on one or very few things. You stand out when message stands out.

Know something about everything and know everything about something. That’s the only way you can become a thought leader. “… brilla FM, master of one…”

Therefore, don’t be everything, be something!

2. Have the in-depth knowledge of your message.
Learn, unlearn and relearn everything about your message. Read, research, get trained, get mentored and associate with like minds. Be humble to learn and be hungry to devour!

3. Have a platform and audience.
Who is a preacher without a pulpit and audience? Discover a platform where you can reach your audience. Know your audience like the back of your hand.

There’s something your audience are yearning to hear, discover it, then serve them

4. Create powerful contents.
Based on your message and audience create contents that move them to take your desired action.

This is the most important part of this process. No matter how clear you are about your message and how much of your audience you know, if you are not connecting with them emotionally enough for them to take an intended action, the end result would be frustration.

5. Be consistent with it.
Then repeat the process again and again.

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