If I may ask you, why are you online or in business?

Do you really know?

For the benefit of doubt, these are the reasons thought leaders are online and in business:

1. Visibility
2. Influence
3. Financial gain

Visibility – they want to be seen and known.

Influence – they want to be an authority and a “go to” person in thier industry.

Financial gain – they want to build financial empire so as live comfortably and be able to expand their circle of influence.

If these are what you are looking for, then I have an information for you.

Do you know your writing can make all these possible for you?

Through my writing, I’ve gained tremendous visibility, influence and financial gain for myself over the years.

A lot of people slide into my inbox daily for advice, guide, mentorship and training. This means, I’ve gained a level of visibility, which in turn has made me a “go to” person, and which in most cases make me money.

Do you love to write?

If yes, it’s time for you to be intentional with it.

What do you need?

1. You need clarity of message. What’s your message for humanity? What experience, expertise, skills or idea are you projecting?

2. You need to discover who you’re sent to. You can’t be for everybody and for nobody. Who are your audience demographically, geographically and financially?

3. You need a brand outlook. People won’t take you seriously until you are serious. Your brand outlook like your picture, bio and style must make sense to your discovered audience.

4. You need a place called platform where your audience congregates. Who is a preacher without a platform? It might be a blog or a particular social media platform or any other platforms.

5. You need to write using elements of writing, storytelling and call to action.

6. You need to build a tribe. Jesus Christ called the 12, the 12 called the 70, the 70 called the 3000 and the 3000 called the millions. You need a tribe to evangelise your brand.

7. You need to create products from your experience, expertise, skills or idea. It could be digital or physical products. Examples are hard copy books, ebooks, audio books, consulting, coaching and training.

8. You need a system. A marketing system makes selling easy. Identify and create a system that works for you.

9. You need to be consistent. If you have all the above and you are not consistent with it, you would soon be forgotten. The market now is like “..the kingdom of God suffers violence and only the violet that can take it by force.”

10. Be phenomenal and become a thought leader. Be extraordinary, be exceptional, up your game by learning the game. Churn out stuff worth reading and easy to read too.

Finally, you need training, a coach and mentor. You need to learn from people that have done what you want to do successfully well, therefore I’m recommending my #KillerContentWritingMasterclass to you if you want to make a difference. This is where I will teach you everything mentioned above for 15 days none stop.

The noise in the market place is presently deafening, only the phenomenal would be heard.

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