Yesterday, while discussing the issue of our community’s name, I did brought up the issue of using controversy as a tool under Copywriting in the comment section and my friend Gideon Owolabi really spiced it up.

The question now is, how can we use controversy to sell a product or promote your brand?

In marketing, what you are looking for is attention that will generate emotional outbursts and controversy does that perfectly.

If you see a headline that says, “Is Jesus really the Christ?” or “Buhari is a Yoruba man from Oyo state” or “l pay my tithe to prostitutes”, will you pay attention to read it or not?

We’ve heard about the hijjab lawyer issue and how it generated attention nationwide and now the money swallowing snake at JAMB office.

My boss once told me that in marketing, you can actually do a beautiful billboard and splash raw paint on it. He said obviously, everyone will look at the direction of the billboard with a burning question, “Why?” He said that board has done it job perfectly well if that happens.

Have you ever wondered why an almost naked woman is placed on a billboard advert of “Okada”? What’s the correlation between Okada and naked woman? All is to stir men’s emotions to look.

Here are ways you can infuse controversy into your copies or posts.

1. Using Controversial Headline
2. Starting with Controversial story
3. Using Controversial images
4. Using hot Controversial event/happening/statement around. Example: “Shithole”

We are emotional beings and we respond to stuff that stirs up our emotions.


Don’t over do it!

Let your heading flows with your story and let your story drives home your point in a simple way.

If you have any more examples, kindly share them with us.👇