It was the defunct Bond Bank head office at Akin Adedolap Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. I was the acting accountant for my company and I needed to do a transaction at this bank.

I will never forget this experience. As I approached the bank gate, I was welcomed with smiles and greetings by the security guards.

I entered the bank and it was different thing altogether. I saw an angel for the first time – the front desk lady. She was so pretty, full of smiles welcoming me into the bank like a prince. I looked back to check whether it was someone else, but alas, it was me!

As if that wasn’t enough, I was directed to a waiting hall by here where I was offered a cup of coffee.

“This is paradise.” I thought to myself. “Never been treated like this.”

The treatment was first class!

That’s value!

Then starts my regular visit to the bank as well as telling others about my experience.

Apple and Roll Royce are not selling phone and car respectively, they’re selling value.

If you must sell anything at all, let it be value first. The fastest selling commodity in the world is value.

This is the reason why someone will buy a bottle of Eva water of N100 outside for N1000 at Eko Hotel and would be happy to come back again.

In any Industry you find yourself, don’t ask for the money first, but value.

People don’t buy products, they buy emotions.

An ordinary suya man on the street understands this strategy. As you are coming to him, he’s cutting “taste” for you even before talk about money.

What “taste” can you give your customers? Is it the ambience, manner of approach, ease of business or a certain experience that would not go away easily?

Thank you!