It’s tantamount to suicide and invitation to frustration, if you rush to launch a book or course online or offline without first spending time in building your influence in the marketplace.

I see a lot of authors, coaches and consultants online finding it difficult to sell products.


You must learn how to do first thing first.

Influence is one of the most important requirements in selling products without spending much.

If you have enough capital to throw around in marketing and advertisement, may be this might not concern you.

In case you’re still wondering what is influence…

Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Ask yourself, “how many people do I think I have an effect on their character, behavior, decisions and actions?”

Your answer should determine whether you should launch a product now or after reading this article.

Therefore, while you are creating that product by the side, spend more time and money now to build your influence.

Please note that influence and emotions are siemise twins. They are inseparable!

You can’t influence someone you’ve not wowed, helped, made happy, moved from point A to B positively and solve a problem for.

Also note that without influence, there can never be trust and without trust, sales is doubtful.

If sales is your ultimate goal, then the starting point is not selling but building influence and trust.

It’s a process.

Coca-Cola with all the sales is still doing everything possible to register their brand as number one in our hearts with adverts every time and everywhere.

So, how do you build your influence?

1. Create and give value to your audience consistently.

Value is something important and of great worh that can affect the character, well-being, action and decision of your audience positively.

It can be in form of free book, free course, free Webinar, free seminar, regular content on your social media platforms /blog or cheap and affordable products.

2. Don’t sell build a list

One of my mentors advised me never to advertise to sell, but to build a list.

A list is the contact (email and phone number) of your audience. When you have them, move them to a private place where you give them more value and then sell to them.

You can move them to a facebook group, WhatsApp group, bulk SMS group or email list.

People are moved to buy from you naturally when they perceive you have their interest at heart.

You show that interest more in a private place you created. This is can also be grouped into different niches and products, which makes communication direct and impactful.

3. Don’t build customers, build a tribe.

A tribe is part of your followers/customers who are sold out to you.

They’ve experienced you and your offerings and they are now your raving fans who will buy from you all the time and also tell others about you.

To build a tribe:

– Have an ideology

– Create an experience always with your ambience, product, packaging, delivery and processes.

– Create a personal relationship with your followers .

– Give them results or solution to their problems

– Be successful

– Be consistent.

4. Dont join groups and be dormant.

Be actively active on any platform you find yourself with potential customers. You can build a cult like influence within a group not set up by you by being actively involved through consistent creation of value packed contents.

This is leveraging on another person’s influence and hard work. This is allowed as long as you don’t abuse the platform by disobeating the group rules.

This will get you noticed by both the founder of the group as well as the members of the group.

I’ve sold products through this method many times.

In fact, my friend and student Godwin Israel did a post where he mentioned my name and posted it on SmarBCamp group sometimes ago. Many people saw it including Hellen.

Hellen thereafter sent me a Direct Message, enrolled for my course, joined my Badass Writers’ Crib group and she’s been leading there in terms of valuable contents, which is already giving her followers and influence within this group.

And so many people have joined my group, bought my coaching courses today as a result of my posts on other people’s groups.

In conclusion, another practical example happened to me recently.

Recently, I announced a 3 days free training on social media on my facebook profile and page. This attracted about 45 people to a private WhatsApp group I set up.

After the 3 days of value packed training, I was informed by some of the participants that there are more people they can bring if I can just repeat the training.

It was difficult for me but I agreed.

In 2 days the group grew to 150 people without any effort of mine.

I did the training again and I was able to sell my 2 online courses with them on a combo to beat my target.

This is how it works.

Christiano Ronaldo is using his influence on the football pitch to make easy money than with his club and country.

You too can do it.

The starting point of gaining influence is gain clarity. I have designed a 10 day training that will help discover and rediscover yourself.

It’s called SOCALS (School of Clarity and Life Success)

If you are interested to know more hop in to SOCALS

Tomiwa Ogunremi