Have ever been called something you’re not and don’t want to be associated with?

If yes, how do you feel?


And when you are called what you are or what you want to be, what was your reaction?


Humans like children are wired in a certain way when it comes to identity and brands. We identify people with name and what we see them do frequently.

Which is the reason why what you call your son is what others will call him.

When we were doing the naming ceremony of my first son, I handed over the names to my pastor and he smiled.

“And the names of this son shall be, King, Oluwadarasimi, Onyedikachi Ogunremi”, exclaimed the pastor.

There were grumblings…

King ke?

King of where?



11 years down the road, they don’t have any other choice than to call him King, if there’s need to call him. At home, school, church and by family members.

And I have the honour to be called daddy King too.

Isn’t that wonderful?

That’s the reality about life.

When your name is mentioned on this space or outside this space, what comes to people’s mind without thinking?

That’s the summary of what you do regularly.

By providence I met three of my old friends, one a former colleague at work and two my school mates last week at different time.

Apparently, they are my friends on social media and have been following my work.

Guess their exclamation when they saw me…

Sola: Content creator! I dey gbadun you…

Bose: Social media guru! Always on point…

Wole: Coach!!!

I was surprised and not surprised at the same time.

Some of them, I’ve not seen in 10 years. And they all know me to be estate surveyor.

What change?

My activities on social media.

Unfortunately, they don’t comment on my post at all, except one of them once in a while.

Your brand is the total sum of what you do. The experience you give to people when they are in contact with you or with your work.

The feeling, the picture, ambience that come with you or your products.

So, how do you drive this to their subconscious?

1. Specialise.

Don’t be Jack of all trade on your platforms especially if you are just starting out. Focus on a particular thing or few related things.

2. Become an expert in your field.

Become an expert in that area of specialisation. Learn everything you need to learn in that field.

3. Determine your audience.

Determine, Identify and locate your unique audience. You’re not for everyone.

4. Chose your platform.

Every social media platform is not your platform. Based on your defined audience, find the platform they are and take yourself to them.

5. Tell everyone you’re an expert in the field through your social media bio, one on one and through your timeline regularly.

6. Communicate.

Become a teacher in that field, show people you are an expert by dishing out educative and informative information on your timeline.

If you’re having challenges with your communication, I can help you. Reach out to me.

5. Be consistent.
Consistency is key when it comes to brand establishment.

This is where most people miss it. Nobody takes inconsistent people seriously. Be there at all time.

Learn to show up.

Then you’ll become an household name.


©Tomiwa Ogunremi

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