The market place is becoming more and more competitive. Irrespective of your industry, it’s now survival of the fittest.

Dogs are now eating dogs and almost all the oceans are turning red, as the sharks are devouring the other fishes.

It now boils down to how visible your are to your ideal clients and audience.

As it is a known fact that the more money you spend on branding, training, strategies, promotion and advertisement the more visible you become and the more money you make.

What now is the hope of the smaller fishes in the ocean of business with little or no budget?

I can hear someone saying, the blue ocean strategy.

The truth is, even with the blue ocean strategy without the right visibility, it will turn black out of no activities and no business.

That’s why you need to take the following strategies very seriously.

I’ve used them and they work wonders.

1. Use Social Media

Business is synonymous to people. There’s no business without the people.

Where the people are is where the money is.

There are about 3 billion people from all demographies and locations around the world on social media and the number is increasing daily.

If you’re still playing table soccer and fighting dirty on politics on social media and you have business that is dying, it’s time to have a rethink.

People are getting the right visibility for their businesses by either learning how to master social media or by engaging social media managers.

Social media is free to use, take advantage of it.

2. Lead Magnet

This is one of the all time best strategies to have customers that will continue to buy from you.

“Don’t advertise to sell a product, rather advertise to get leads”, my mentor advised me.

Every sensible business is now using lead magnets to draw customer’s attention to themselves and to draw them closer.

If the street Suya man is using this strategy with “taste”, don’t you think you need to try it?

If you’re not an established brand yet, this is for you.

Lead magnet is a bait you use to drag audience to give you attention and to drag them into your net.

They need to know the stuff you’re made of before they can part with their money to try your products.

Lead magnet is a valuable free stuff you offer your target audience to get their attention.

It may be in form of an e-book, course, cheat sheet or video.

We all love freebies, don’t we?

When they come, you get their data that allows you access to give them more value until they’re hooked and can’t do without you.

It’s called, funnel.

If this is what you use your meager budget on, it’s worth it.

3. Influence marketing

There are influencers in every industry. Do you see them as threats or as an opportunity to become visible through them, since you have similar audience?

Influencers can help you get attention from their audience directly or indirectly.


– Get them to notice you
– Get them to talk about you positively
– Get them to recommend you
– Be around them


– Be genuinely interested in them
– Volunteer at their events
– Be the first to share their posts
– Comment positively and intelligently on their posts
– Share your thoughts on their platforms (groups)
– Collaborate with them
– Ask them to recommend you
– Pay them to recommend you

4. Messenger bots

Engagement is key when it comes to getting customer’s attention and Facebook Messenger bots offer you this opportunity to engage a great number of audience at the same time.

One of the things I love about messenger bot is the personalization aspect.

Everyone love to be addressed by their name, isn’t it?

It also allows you to present your message in such a way that it auto answers you till you make a sales decision. It is called automation.

It’s opening rate is very high, because it comes in form of direct message to the audience which also protect their privacy unlike other platforms.

It’s really giving email marketing a run for its money.

It’s one of the best places to direct the leads from your lead magnet to.

It’s also free.

5. Facebook ads

If you can’t spend the major part of your business profit on advertisement, you may soon be out of business.

It’s hard, but it’s true.

Even though you don’t have big budget for your business, Facebook ads is your friend.

You can get traffic to your business with as little as $2 either through post boosting or ad proper.

With proper retargeting and detailed targeting, you can get a lot of visibility and leads with just $10-$20.

However, the more you have to spend on ads the better.

Like I mentioned above, I prefer you use your ads to get leads into your funnel with your lead magnets than using it to sell only. Better still use it for both.

6. Email Marketing

Unlike messager bots, email marketing has been around for a while and it’s still a great tool to reach more customers and interact with them.

It also allows for unlimited content than bots.

You can also leads your funnel to it through your lead magnets.

There are so many free email marketing platforms for a certain number of people you can use to scale your business.

7. Content Marketing

Coincidentally, without quality content, nobody will give you attention irrespective of any of the above mentioned strategies you use.

That’s why they said, content is King.

Ability to create quality content is a must for anybody seeking customer’s attention.

You can do more with less on reaching more customers if you know how to create contents that appeal to their emotions.

They’ll not only follow you, they’ll instantly become your brand evangelist.

Content can come in form of text, image, video, infographic, checklist and more.

I’m known as a master storyteller and content marketer. This has earned me a lot of followers and audience.

It also makes using all the above mentioned strategies effective for me.

I have a course on mastering content marketing that helps in creating contents that makes you visible, influential and sell products.

A new class will be starting in February. If you’re interested, kindly send me a DM.

Please note that no matter how meager your budget is to promote your business, if you are not willing to spend on investing or learning these strategies, you might just need to forget about business.


Tomiwa Ogunremi