If you’re on social media or anywhere on the internet to sell a product or promote your brand and you’re not getting enough attention, just know you’re wasting your time because the noise now is worse than ever.

I recommend you read this as many times as you can.

Attention is the main game changer when it comes to marketing and it works with our psychology.

Watch this:
A company placed a big billboard worth N2million along an expressway and guess what they did after placing the board?

They ordered that a bucket of colored paint be splashed on it and guess what happened next?

Everyone passing by were attracted to the billboard, asking why the splash and why the waste of money?

But the job is done!

Suzuki is advertising a motorcycle made predominantly for men, but on the billboard is a beautiful lady in bikini standing beside the bike.

Why a half naked lady? What’s the connection? Curiosity!

They know men are moved by what they see especially when they see beautiful women.

It’s an attention game.

In marketing, especially content marketing, the easiest way to gain your audience attention is to do what makes them pause, look at you and ask question.

Here are the 5 simple attention grabber headings I use on my contents that give me results.

1. Leverage on Curiosity Gap

Humans are naturally wired to wanting to know why, how, when and which. They are always curious to know.

Leverage on this curiosity by using stuff that teach new things as your heading. Make use of ‘How’ and ‘Why’ in your content heading.

2. Create Scarcity

This is called scarcity principle in psychology and economics. Because people want their needs met, they tend to be alert when scarcity is created.

When people see ‘Exclusive Offer’, ‘Hurry’, ‘Limited availability’ they tend to give instant attention.

3. Make Use of Numbers

Numbers create a state of definitive in human mind, that is, something that have beginning and the end. So, readers already has a mind expectation of where they are going. It helps them to give attention till the end.

Also, words and images dominates most contents you see everywhere, numbers therefore create odd that attract human mind. A typical example is this post heading.

4. Share something surprising

If you’re able to surprise your audience, you’ll get their 100% attention.

There’s an involuntary mental sequence in our brain that occurs when we’re surprised by something either positive or negative.

This means that by surprising your audience, you will momentarily hypnotize them to want to know what next with intrigue or curiosity or repulsion or glee.

Example of this is ‘ How To Own a Real Estate in Lagos with Zero Capital’

5. Ask a thought provoking question

Asking questions that catch readers unaware and put them off balance in your heading is a game changer.

Questions like, ‘Is Jesus dead?’, ‘Do you make this mistake in your relationship?’ or ‘ Is this the reason you’re broke?’ will get readers’ attention any day.

These questions work well because moments of deep reflection are incredibly emotional — and emotions sell.