The result is out!

Just with a single question, I got answers to all the questions authors and intending authors have been asking.

Here are some of the questions…

“How can I sell my book?”

“How much can I sell my book?”

“Why are people not buying my book?”

“Where can I sell my books?

“Who will buy a N5,000 book written by a Nigerian?”

And many more?

Now pay attention.

I’m not surprised that all the answers to my yesterday post were in the affirmative.

No wise person will want to display his stupidity in the public.

This means many, who don’t value knowledge will not even buy a book for N500.

It is also obvious that a lot of people are willing to pay any price to buy a solution or associate with a solution.

There are salient points for any writer/author who desire greatness to note from the outcome of that post.

They can be classified as the Author’s Bible

And I will like to highlight some of them as follows:

1. Be an authority in the industry you are writing about.

This can’t be over debated. All you owe yourself is simply how to become an authority in your industry.

An authority status gives you all you’re looking for in business.

People will do anything possible including paying heavily to identify with an authority.

They’ll beg you to pay you to buy your book.

How can you become an authority in your industry?

That’s my job…

2. Have a track record of results in the industry you are writing about.

Results don’t have a hiding place. A solution provider with results is always hot in demand.

For instance, if you’ve been able to help some people cure their cancer, they’ll tell the world and the world will look for you.

Showcase your results if you want more results.

3. Have a wealth of experience in what you are writing about.

People know when you’re sharing theories and sharing from a wealth of practical experience.

They will be willing to pay anything to have your book when they know you wrote it from experience and not from history.

4. Do a lot of homework and hard work on the content of your book.

Garbage in Garbage out.

A researched and intelligently written book is always hot in demand.

Take your time to work on your book before publishing. If takes you 5 years to have a good book, it’s okay.

And if it’s one week, no problem.

5. Invest in the design and printing of your book.

A book you intend to sell from N1000 and above should not be designed in a business center.

It’s failure ‘abinitio’!

6. Intimate your audience with what to expect in your book.

How would they know the content of your book is rich or valuable to them if they are not aware.

Create a platform to intimate your audience the benefit and transformation effect of your your book.

Either through social media, sales page, training or ads.

7. Let the value of your book be proportionate to the price of the book.

If you are not an authority yet, weigh the value of your work before slamming a price on it.

Make sure your book is a money-back guarantee.

8. Invest in personal branding

People buy emotion before the product. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.

If you can’t spend money on personal branding, forget selling your book above N1,000.

There is what is called, the perceived value. That’s the work of branding.

9. Invest in strategy, promotion, and marketing of your book.

90% success of any product is based on promotion and marketing.

Whatever your strategy is, invest heavily in marketing.

If you are not willing to spend $100 and above to promote your book even as an authority, you might not go far.

10. Ask me personally 🤓

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