Get It Done! (E-book)

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Mickey and Susan grew up in the same community as young teens. They are neighbours.

A few years later, they’ve grown up to become handsome and pretty adults who are fond of each other.

Now they’re in the same higher institution and inseparable; they go to classes together, read together and also go to lunch together.

They’re just pure friends who are focused on their academic excellence, but everyone around calls them Romeo and Juliet.

This arose sensual feeling within them towards each other. This is their final year and none of them made this feeling known to each other.

It’s now 4 years after their graduation, they’re now working in reputable organisations and yet Mickey has been hesitating to tell Susan how he’s been feeling about her, while on the other hand, Susan has been waiting endlessly.

But something happened, a colleague at work started having interest in Susan, he walked up to her, made his intentions known and the rest is history.

8 months after, Mickey received an invitation card from Susan and it’s her wedding invitation.

And Mickey wept!

He delayed to act for too long, he has lost the love of his life.

Have you lost the love of your life in relationship, marriage, business, career and opportunities through procrastination?

In my new book, Get it Done, I highlighted:
>>> The devastating effects of procrastination.

>>> Causes and solutions to procrastination in practical terms.

>>> Strategies for getting things done instantly and multiply your success rate, even if you’re a chronic procrastinator.

>>> The book has daily actions that will guide you into getting things done.


6 reviews for Get It Done! (E-book)

  1. Prince Henry Emenike

    I’ll commend the book strongly. One of the selling points in books now is being concise. The smaller the book is, the easier it is for people to read through. GET IT DONE has these.

    Your message flow is coherent and that’s laudable.

    The English are not ambiguous, that’s perfect too.

    There are easy-to-do action points.
    Kudos boss.

    Great job!
    PrinceHenry Emelike
    Passion Network

  2. Abiodun Mabadeje

    Life is a journey. This journey usually does not follow a straight path. Due to this fact, many find it difficult navigating their ways through the maze of life. They regularly procrastinate on projects and goals and get stuck as a result of the numerous challenges they encounter along the way. They become over-burdened by the tasks they have to perform in order to realize their goals and dreams.

    This leads to a situation where they pile up one unfinished project upon the other and their lives become unproductive and unrewarding.

    GET IT DONE, this book you now have access to, by Tomiwa Ogunremi is an antidote to unnecessary clusters of failures.
    It is the solution to procrastination. It is an energizer and a way finder.

    This book, if you dare to follow its teaching and principles, I must warn you can change your life completely. And I mean that with all sense of seriousness. The things that you have struggled with for years, you will accomplish in months and even weeks.

    I congratulate you for having access to this material.
    And much more I congratulate Tomiwa Ogunremi for taking his time to put this material together. God bless you.

    Abiodun Mabadeje (MSA)
    Author of The Call; The Passion; The Destiny!

  3. Omena Ndaraku

    Get It Done!

    This is a like the Potter’s Clay for a remoulding of everyone no matter your field of endeavour to redirect you on the right path.

    It is a great Compass for life building.

    I love the simplicity of the narrative and the call to commitment in the daily action.

    It is a must read for all who want to reach their life goals
    Well done my brother.

    Omena Ndaraku
    Network Marketer Marketer

  4. Dr Stephen Ogunremi

    In this book, Tomiwa intentionally aims to guide, motivate and inspire the reader to stay focus on task until fully completed.
    He also shares practical remedies from diverse sources for dealing with the causes of procrastination.
    I found this book easy to read, refreshing and practical.
    It, therefore, comes highly recommended by me.

    Dr Stephen Ogunremi
    Psychiatry Consultant

  5. Onyinye Etoniru

    This book gives insights into how to overcome procrastination, a popular habit that hinders good success.

    If you’re struggling with getting things done on time and finishing what you’ve started, then you need to get this book.

    It’s a must read and an investment in your personal development that is totally worth it.

    Onyinye Etoniru
    CEO O’lavanda Signature

  6. Johnson Emmanuel

    I see many people who focused on many tasks, procrastinate and at the end of the day, they don’t achieve anything, they become frustrated and give up their lofty dreams.

    It has happened to me and I see much more people who track on this road.

    Start a great project.
    Meet challenges on the road and give up.
    Procrastinate as many times as possible.
    Always busy, never achieving anything.

    If you are very conversant with my work as a Business growth & marketing strategist, you may have heard one of my stories.
    When I got started in business, I didn’t know exactly what to do and worst still, how to achieve my goals.

    I heard so many ‘gurus’ teaching different things and some very contradictory.

    One day, I got very frustrated and started to think that the juju priest in my village was after my life and I became very frustrated and almost gave up my dreams.

    I wish I had stabled on a book like this when I started my journey many years ago, perhaps, I would have been able to achieve my goal faster than I ever thought.

    Tomiwa Ogunremi didn’t only simplify the process to accomplish your goals, no matter what that goal means to you, he also presents it in such a fun way that when you are done reading the book, you would love to read it again, and again.

    In part 2, he talked about ‘Be Angry’.

    I love every aspect of the book but that part completely resonates with me.

    My pastor will always say, you can’t change what you are not angry with.

    So, until you are not comfortable with a particular situation, you can’t change it and Tomiwa shows you exactly how to do that.

    If you want to achieve any goal in business, relationship or indeed any area of your life, you’ll be stupid not to read this book.

    Get this book, read it, accomplish your most important goals in life and business, reach out to Tomiwa and buy him 2 bottles of malt.

    Johnson Emmanuel

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