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From: Tomiwa Ogunremi

Subject: Calling All Entreprenuers! 



Hi, my name is Tomiwa Ogunremi  (which you’ve probably figured out by now)…………and I wanted to say ‘thanks’ for visiting my website…..But that’s Not the most important Thing I want to tell you.

Before I continue first Let me tell you a very Interesting (Real life)  Story…

Since  2009 I’ve  been toiling publishing my books locally and internationally, hosting seminars, blogging and giving my message to humanity with little or no financial gain to justify the effort…… I was FRUSTRATED, Depressed and Needed serious help because what I had in me was hot enough to fire me into the limelight…


Well Things changed for me….(and It can change Pretty fast as well for you too)

I decided to change the paradigm, I enrolled in coaching courses and training, soon I built an enduring platform, created processes and systems that guarantee impact, visibility, and financial profit. I transformed myself into a thought leader.


 I’ll help you bring your untold stories to live…..



Do Any Of These Sound Like You Right Now?


No worries,….

You’re a point to change that.. and that

 I’ll help you bring your untold stories to live…..

Are you one of the types that have:



1) I have a message But Nobody knows my Name

No worries,…. 

You’re a point to change that.. and that

I’ll help you bring your untold stories to live…..

Are you one of the types that have

2) I think I have a Message But I’m NOT sure….

No worries,…. 

You’re a point to change that.. and that

I’ll help you bring your untold stories to live…..


What’s In It For You…


Dont just Take My word for it…..Instead, Read what Those very Prominent People (You Probably Know) are Saying about Me then be the Better Judge

“Tomiwa Ogunremi is a Great guy… He’s a great coach and has proven himself over and over again. He will help you gain clarity and position your message for profitability. I totally recommend him” Johnson Emmanuel

Africa’s #1 Business growth & marketing strategist, Founder/CEO, Clients Attraction.

“Speaking of someone who has been there, knows where the shoe pinch, and has successfully come out of it…and Today he helps other people who has gained clarity…

Tomiwa Ogunremi, is the guy that you should listen to if you need to gain clarity, visibility, influence and profit in your niche.

He understands your position, your pain, where you are coming from, what you have tried (that didn’t work) and what works, he has had the same stories,…faced the same frustrations and will only give you “stuff that have been tested and to work” nothing less.” Padebi Ojomo

Client Attraction genie, John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer, Consultant & Speaker., Padebi Ojomo Consulting.

“To find and commit to the path that gives life a meaning everyday isn’t an easy road for many.

Seeing those who can help you cut through the blinders and see with specificity is also a tougher venture.

Tomiwa can be found in the pack of those who hold the flashlights to tear the darkness and shine the light on the path.

He has proven record of helping people with message for humanity gain clarity, visibility, influence and financial profit with his unique system and coaching style.

I therefore have no reservation in recommending him.

Let him help you.” Emeka Nobis

Writer and Thought leader

I have already helped thousands of people around the world gain clarity, visibility, influence & maximize Financial Profit with their message……

The Question Is,

Will YOU Be The Next?

Proves they say don’t Lie…

Read what Some of My Client’s are Saying about Their Experience During My Coaching Classes…

“I’m glad I enrolled in this school. I’ve been able to give life (via words) to the so much things I’ve had in my head. It’s really been an expressive time for me. New ideas emerged. I got fresh insight as regards my passion and I was also able to put things into perspective. In all, I’ve been lighted.” Olufunke Okikiola


Initially, I was skeptical about joining the community.

I thought to myself, what do I stand to lose.
Am so delighted I followed my instincts.
I have no regrets whatsoever.

What this school of clarity and life success as done to me, I don’t think I would ever recover in a jiffy.

It has succeeded in waking the giant in me.

It is has given me a better view of myself and my passion.

It has given me an exposure to the nitty-gritty of content writing.

I have also been able to learn the importance of niching down and thriving in the blue ocean market rather than struggling in the red ocean market.

I could go on and on… but most importantly, I can tell you for sure, that I have grown, not in stature but in my writing skill.

It has further ignited a burning desire in me, as a matter of urgency, to start whatever it is I have to do, that the best time to start is NOW!

My coach, I celebrate you.
You’re the best.” Olabisi Alma Bada

“Thank u so much for the class. I discovered why I am on earth. I have also discovered those I’m sent to. The class is an eye-opener for me. I greatly appreciate.” Favour Joshua

If you are looking for that coach who will lead you to your moment of clarity, then look no further.Tomiwa Ogunremi is the man Omena Ndaraku

“Thanks, Tomiwa! For me, the class was more of a confirmation of my life’s purpose and it improved my ability to harness my known skills and how to better translate them into profitability.” Olufunke Samuel

“Really, I am too full of words to know the ones to pick to express how glad and grateful I am for this message and school of clarity.

When you say moving from nothing to something, from obscurity to clarity, that is me.

Clarity affected my whole and entire life and I am no more who I used to be coming in contact with the Clarity Coach.

I have some amazing results that I am surprised myself and I kept thinking that if not for clarity, would I have left these things untouched.

Waooo.Thanks to Coach.

More Grace sir!!!” Ayomide Arowosegbe

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